A Huge Knowledge Artwork NFT collaboration with Brittany Kaiser

As Kenn Bosak mentions in the launch podcast, we did this with Brittany Kaiser. You must have lived under a rock not to know who Brittany is. Her life story contrasts big data, blockchain, information security, Facebook and now art about becoming tokens.

If we want protection, we need to start thinking of our data as our property because if no one has noticed, the property will be lawfully protected.

Brittany Kaiser

The Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, now co-founder of the Own Your Data Foundation, will travel to Helsinki in January 2021 to collaborate with me on mixed media physical and NFT artwork to be featured on the London red carpet in a spring affair should. The project will simultaneously experience a metaverse start in Crypto Voxels and will continue to physically travel to a second auction facility in New York.

Check out the podcast announcing the launch with Kenn Bosak, Brittany and Natalie Kaiser, Ben Leff and me.

The launch will include pieces that use many of the new technologies available to express ideas, and most importantly, be a bullseye ikigai about things of interest to our blockchain community.

The documentary about their story, The Great Hack, is available on Netflix. Nominated for both a BAFTA and an Oscar, it exemplifies data strip mining like no other. It currently has around 100 million views on the platform.

For sponsorship and visibility options, please contact the Communications Director at Own Your Data Foundation, Mr. Benjamin Leff.

ben (at) ownyourdata (dot) Foundation

More news will follow shortly.

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