By the numbers: The speed at which Bitcoin should rise to hit $ 100,000 by July

Bitcoin is a numbers game through and through. There is only 21 million BTC. The code and its consensus algorithm are both made up of complex math. The total number of coins is halved every four years, and so on and so forth.

Most importantly, however, here the rate of growth in Bitcoin price has to rise steadily to hit $ 100,000 per BTC by July 2021, according to a cryptocapital manager – and whatever could get in the way.

Bitcoin price growth rate should bring crypto valuation to $ 100,000 by July

Bitcoin's growth from practically worthless to more than $ 60,000 per coin today is nothing short of incredible. Even beyond the simply incomparable ROI, the story of how the coin was created reads as if it had been torn out of a science fiction film: a mysterious person shoots at all the money and ignores the monumental effort.

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Satoshi's creation is now more than a decade old and has far exceeded most people's expectations. In the last year alone, the leading cryptocurrency by market capitalization has grown at a daily average rate of 0.65% since April, resulting in an almost tenfold increase in value.

At the current pace, Bitcoin price would hit $ 100,000 by June 30, according to Timothy Peterson, the cryptocapital manager.

With a daily growth rate of 0.64%, the top crypto should be by July | Reaching $ 100,000 Source: BTCUSD on

The only factor that can cause BTC to miss the mark

Bitcoin price needs to maintain comparable momentum over the past year to continue to rise at a similar rate and reach more than $ 100,000 per coin. The number is now closer to current price movement than $ 10,000, so it may be more achievable.

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Price predictions for the next cycle reach up to $ 400,000, with real-world estimates ranging from $ 125,000 to $ 325,000 per BTC.

Bitcoin BTC Pi cycle top display

The rally could really be over if the historically accurate signal is correct again Source: BTCUSD on

However, there is a chance that the top of the bike is located according to the Pi Cycle Top Indicator. If the historically correct tool is correct again, the leading cryptocurrency's daily growth rate will decrease from now on until another bull market breaks out.

Bitcoin price wouldn't make it to $ 100,000 by July, and a return to much lower prices would follow. In this case, crypto investors would have to wait a while longer for the number one cryptocurrency by market capitalization to reach this ultimate goal.

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