Sterling value information and forecast: GBP / USD bulls goal for a month-to-month upward extension

GBP / USD Forecast: Brexit-related throws undermine demand for the pound

The GBP / USD pair fell to 1.3838 during London trading hours amid ongoing tension between the UK and France over fishing rights. The French government opposed the latest UK regime to govern fishing in its waters near the Channel Islands. French fishermen have complained that difficulties in obtaining licenses have prevented them from operating in UK waters, a Brexit-related issue that has escalated in recent weeks. Continue reading…

GBP / USD price analysis: bulls aiming for monthly upward extension

The cops are in control in the longer term, However, much remains to be done in the lower time frames, as illustrated in the top-down analysis below. The monthly outlook is bullish on the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement and support structure. The weekly chart is also bullish as the bulls move price away from weekly support. Continue reading…

GBP / USD has two levels of support

GBP / USD unexpectedly wiped out 5 days of gains As the pair collapsed sideways by 160 pips on Friday, it made up most of the losses on Monday. This is an unpredictable unpredictable sideways trend. EUR / GBP topped right here on initial resistance at 8712/19 and bottomed right here on initial support at 8665/55. Continue reading…

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